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lyricist, TUTOR, MODEL, Musician

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Kayla Carrington is a West Coast, U.S based musical artist with an exciting act that includes saxophone, poetry, and rap. 


Kayla's lyrics playfully & intentionally call on environmental justice, activism, climate change education, and visual art to mobilize today's youngest generations. Carrington considers Lauryn Hill, Wale, and The Internet among their biggest influences. At age 11, Kayla took to the alto saxophone and within a decade was playing gigs with The Thelonious Monk Institute, touring festivals in France, Spain, and the Netherlands, and recording for the soundtrack of Netflix Original's "Motown Magic". 

Featuring production from Dru Freeman and Vikki T, Kayla's first collection titled Environmental Studies EP hit streaming platforms in June 2019, a year after their first poetry book, Each Step In, was published. Together, these two projects capture the essence of what it is like to grow up into a world of known environmental negligence, and what it looks like to spread health & thriving energy through it all.


Cover art by Brianna Patín and Kayla Carrington

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EP download links | Seattle, WA | Los Angeles, CA

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