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A requirement for my CEP major (Community, Environment, and Planning), my individualized study plan (ISP) lays out all the classes I took during my time at the University of Washington and why each of them contributed to my overarching learning goals.


My focus at UW was environmental psychology. I pursued this title through two majors and a minor. Environmental Studies introduced me to the many systemic facets that depreciate the well-being of earth's ecosystems. Community, Environment, and Planning (CEP) allowed me to design and build my education, pulling from courses from different colleges throughout campus, around approaching the environmental movement with emotion, community art, and a little bit of landscape design. My minor in Education, Learning, and Society, when combined with my two majors, provided me with a perspective on young people that is full of potential fuel for social and environmental justice. 


Experiencing Australia and writing a book


Finishing Environmental Studies with a Capstone: Intersecting Nature and Educational Psychology


Getting prepped to add on a second major: Community, Environment, and Planning (CEP)


Hitting the ground running with Environmental Studies

CEP Quick Look

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